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Uzbekistan – a treasury of legends and mystic stories

Uzbekistan is a real treasure trove of famous landmarks, the center of ancient cities. Here, time itself left its autographs, and most of them are in good condition, despite the turbulent history of this land.


Uzbekistan is one of the world central cities of tourism. A huge stream of tourists from around the world comes to get introduced to its cultural and natural sights. If you are eager to know Uzbekistan from within, link  and book Uzbekistan tours 2017. Attractions of Uzbekistan make up the rich heritage of the Uzbek people, as well as the sights of Uzbekistan are the world’s historical and cultural heritage of mankind. A special place in the cultural heritage of the Uzbek land is occupied by architectural monuments.

Uzbekistan is rich not only in historical masterpieces created by ancient people, but also natural beauty, as in the deserts and in the mountains.

Uzbekistan natural beauty

Natural attractions of Uzbekistan will not leave anyone indifferent. If your trip fell on the snowy season, the slopes are waiting for you. Sleds, snowboards, skiing and snowballs, evoking memories of childhood, are always good for health. Maybe you like risky stunts at high altitude. In this case, the cable car will take you to unprecedented heights. In addition to that you can enjoy the indescribable views of the area. Also in the warm months you can paraglide and even explore the dark depths of the Aral Sea. Everyone will find something for himself in Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan is one of the most captivating places on the Earth. Here the climate is amazingly warm and changeable. Here are vast expanses of natural areas, clean air, the endless steppes, green forests and, of course, mountains.

Uzbekistan, Chimgan mountains

Among the reviews all over the internet, as well as personal recommendations of hundreds of travel agencies in Europe, Russia and the United States the most beautiful and obligatory to visit attractions are the lake of Uzbekistan. Mountain lakes of amazing beauty, purity and nature are the real treasure of humanity which people should respect, protect and see live.

On the territory of Ugam-Chatkal National Park of the Uzbek Republic in Tashkent region a beautiful lake Upper Urungach is formed. Unlike its river «brother», located below the Upper Urungach never dries. Even in 40 degree of hot weather the lake retains its natural temperature and climate; it is a source of water and life for territorial «green carpet».

Upper Urungach lake

Marvellous Uzbek lake is at 1528 meters above sea level. Being mountainous, the Urungach is a bed of natural catchment rainfall. The area of water surface is 0.12 square kilometers. At its peak, the lake reaches a depth of about 21.5 meters, the average depth is 12 meters.

In addition to its geographical and natural features, the Upper Urungach is famous for beautiful colors. The lake is called nephrite because of its low tide and play with the sun.

In Uzbekistan there are also mysterious places.

In 1938 during archaeological excavations on the territory of Khorezm, an ancient settlement Kirk-Kiz-Kala (I-VI centuries AD.) was discovered. Scientists agreed that it was a defended fortress.

Kirk-Kiz-Kala fortress

The name of the fortress «Kirk-Kiz-Kala» is very interesting. It is literally translated as «fortress of forty maidens». Numerous legends and stories are linked with these mysterious «forty maidens».

One group of folk tales asserts that in Kirk-Kiz-Kala warriors-Amazons found refuge after painful wanderings in Ustyurt. Other legends tell of forty exiles, which lived in this fortress as hermits. In the mythology of many Turkic peoples these «forty girls» are the righteous women who changed into stones to escape from pursuers — «infidels.»

Also in Kirk-Kiz-Kala Zoroastrian burials were found. These burials were executed with all the rules of the ancient rite of fire-worshipers.